Trustees are volunteers who use their skills, knowledge and experience to help guide and govern our Charity. Trustees work with the Chief Officer and other staff to shape strategy and give direction.

This includes making sure that our organisation is:

  • Doing what it was set-up to do
  • Complying with the law including, insurance, recruitment, HR, health and safety etc.
  • Securing money to meet current and new demands, and that all funds are used responsibly
  • Recognised and valued by local organisations, funders, elected officials and the community

Attendance at regular meetings is expected by all trustees. Because our trustee board tends to meet in the evenings approximately 6 weekly, you can fit this around a full time job or study. Sometimes trustees will get involved in additional governance projects, such as supporting fundraising, developing strategy or overseeing HR procedures.

Within a board, some trustees will have a specific role, such as being the Chair or Treasurer. These positions have defined responsibilities, such as chairing and facilitating meetings (Chair) and overseeing the budget (Treasurer).

You will need to be able to give approximately 3-4 hours per month as a trustee (including responding to emails and contributing to discussions, reading papers in preparation for meetings, and attending meetings.