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“How do I use the Claro Website Reader?”

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Adviceline Telephone Assessor

An Adviceline telephone assessor is a diverse role and you will not be expected to know it all! We provide all Adviceline telephone assessors with training, which will help you develop the skills you need to deliver an excellent level of service to clients.

Role of an Adviceline Telephone Assessor

As an Adviceline telephone assessor you would:

  • Be the first point of access for Citizens Advice clients when they ring the Adviceline number
  • Deal with a wide range of clients problems and issues
  • Support members of the public of all ages and backgrounds
  • Give information from our electronic information system and other sources to the client
  • Refer clients for more specialist advice where appropriate
  • Keep records of all clients cases on the database
  • Help prevent future problems by identifying issues that affect a lot of clients.

Personal skills/attributes needed for this role:

  • Be good at listening
  • Have a good telephone manner
  • Have basic computing skills
  • Be open minded and non-judgemental
  • Enjoy helping people