Texting for emergency advice

TEXT 'HELP' TO 87023

A fast-track method is available for people who are facing imminent homelessness or repossession of their homes. Those finding it difficult to access advice, can simply text HELP to 87023 and an acknowledgement is automatically sent to their mobile phone. We follow this up by a telephone call within one working day, and we will ensure you receive appropriate assistance.

As a result of falling orders at his place of work, Mr J was put on short time. This hit him hard, because his wife had recently given birth to their child and she was on maternity leave.

Over the ensuing weeks, Mr J struggled to make ends meet, trying to keep his creditors happy by issusing his payments on one to pay another and ultimately pleasing no-one. The situation was made worse because when his money went into the bank it was swallowed by an overdraft.

Eventually, the situation came to a head. Mr J had either missed or paid less than the contractual installment on his mortgage for several months, arrears had risen ro £2,300 and his mortgage provider initiated possession proceedings.

Mr J like so many people in his situation was unsure of what to do. He didn't feel he could confide in friends or family; no one he knew had ever been taken to court.

Included in the papers relating to the possession hearing was a leaflet from CASBW advertising a texting service aimed specifically at people in his predicament, who are unsure of what to do or to whom they can turn. Mr J decided to give it a try, and sent off the one word text.

As a result of using this service, Mr J obtained immediate advice about the hearing, at which he was represented by CASBW County Court helpdesk staff. The result was a suspended possession order at an amount Mr J could afford. He was also referred to a CASBW debt specialist, who enabled the debts to be rescheduled.